Booger Balls Starter Kit

AGES 5 and up
Item #53600

Product Description

Gather your friends and get ready to pick a booger battle with Booger Balls! Mix ‘em, pick ‘em, and flick ‘em for an epic battle of slimy, gross, outdoor play! Follow the easy instructions to create booger balls that go splat when you throw them! Arm yourself with the Starter Kit and make slime-filled Booger Balls in disgusting colors that will gross out your friends! All components of Booger Balls solution are completely non-toxic, biodegradable, and will not stain clothing, upholstery, or paint. It is suggested that the solution is rinsed with water after play and not left on walls or clothing overnight to avoid residue. Intended for outdoor use only.

Starter Kit includes 2 solution powder pouches and 1 booger mold tray.

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