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Pop 'N Go Pals

Pop 'N Go Pals
Item#: 82491
Ages: 1 and up

With the Play & Imagine – Pop ‘N Go Pals your child can learn “cause and effect” when they press one of the four activity buttons for a pop-up surprise! A press of each shaped button activates the individual vehicle to “pop” and display unique actions. Key Features: * First button slides back and forth, popping up a car with driver. The car driver’s head bobbles and the 2 popping pipes on the top of the engine move up and down. * The second button rocks back and forth, popping up a cement mixer with driver. The mixer has a rotating drum that spins when the mixer pops up * The third star shaped button is pressed, popping up a motorcycle with rider. The clear front wheels contains small balls & rotates when the cycle pops up * The fourth button rotates, popping up a helicopter with pilot. The rotor blades spin when the helicopter pops up.

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