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Why use our invoice generator?

Well as a business owner or someone awaiting to collect your payment, the last thing you need is beat around the bush. That's why we created our simple invoice generator. Why spend a good chuck of your hard earned money on costly accounting software just to send an invoice?

With our invoice maker, you can create professional and beautiful invoices in seconds and email them straight to your customers.

Generate invoices in seconds

Our invoice creator is definitely one of the most fastest invoice generators around. You can literally customize everything including the labels and even add your very own logo. Just drag and drop it in there and we'll make sure it looks good too.

We kept one decent look because let's face it, your client or customer just cares about one thing, what they are paying for, and when they need to pay for it.

So we've created a universally professional and friendly layout that does the job just right and fast.

Download your PDF invoice right away or email it

No more waiting around with confusing and dull software. Create your invoice fast and either download a PDF version right away or email it directly.

Professional invoice template for all your needs

We tested quite a few layouts and after consulting with over 1823 small business owners / freelancers, this was the most successful invoice template.

How did it we determine which is the most successful Invoice template?

After doing our giant survey, we determined this specific template to be the winning one as it got fulfilled the fastest.

That means with this particular invoice template, your chances of getting are the fastest.

It code3, we are obsessed with invoicing.

Send an invoice in any currency

By default, you'll see USD but if you want to change it, simply re-type it in with the appropriate currency abbreviation and you're set. It takes seconds and you can then start sending your invoices using the currency that is just right for you.

Never lose your data

One of the worst things that can happen when you're creating an invoice or any document for that matter is forgetting about saving it. How many times has that happened to you? What's worst is when your client needs an invoice and it keeps getting delayed.

Using our invoice maker (Quick Start Guide)

Creating a PDF invoice is very simple with our PDF invoice builder. Just follow the steps below and you'll learn how to create your first invoice in seconds. Everything is auto-calculated by the way. You can either use our default look or rename the labels yourself. The code3 invoice generator is truly one of the most flexible and easy to use invoice maker out there. You can literally re-label everything and customize The invoice should always be populated from the top and progress to the bottom. We wanted to make an invoice generator that gets straight tot he point and can help you generate invoices in real-time. After all, the objective is to get paid right away. So how does it work? Start from the top and work your way to the bottom.

Step 1: Enter your client details first. Like the name of their company the address, and contact info.

Add client's info on invoice

Step 2: Add a logo. We highly recommend adding a logo because it will only make your invoice look more professional. You can upload a logo or simply drag and drop it.

Adding an invoice logo

Step 3: Add your Name, address the whole nine yards. After all, you're the one who's getting paid.

Sender of the invoice

Step 4: Although this is an invoice generator by default, you can literally use our generator as a:

  • Receipt Maker
  • Estimate Maker
  • A Proforma Invoice Maker
  • Quote Generator
  • and more.
Simply change the title and off you go. Isn't that great?

Step 5: Now it's time to add the terms. Such as date of issue, due date, EIN number and so on. What's really cool about our invoice generator is if you don't feel like adding a PO number, just clear the field and once you email or download your PDF invoice, it won't be there. Once you really start playing around with our invoice generator, you'll see it's really flexible.

Step 6: Now it's time to add the reason (s) for your invoice. Add the item, job or task description here. Along with any other details. As we mentioned before, all the calculations are done automatically. By the way, here you can add you local tax info as well. Just label it as you want and add the tax percentage that applies to your city, state, province or country. We do the math for you. No thinking required.

Step 7: Now you're probably at the notes section. Here we recommend just a simple thank you or if you are trying to get paid through PayPal or something, just add that info here. Step 8: Email this invoice so your client can get a nice quality PDF invoice. Or you can send it to yourself first as well.

How to make an invoice - A detailed overview

It may look simple but creating an invoice can actually be quite a daunting task. After all, you want to make sure that you did send the product (Or provided the service) and the other party received it.

On the other side of the spectrum, the importance of an invoice is uncanny. Especially when it’s time to get a refund for a faulty product or an item not received in the first place. If you’ve ever been in this situation, you already know the importance of it.

When you’re designing an invoice, you want to make sure that everything is made out clearly for both parties. At least that’s what you should find in a true professional invoice maker. Although there are usually two people involved, the buyer and the seller.

There could be more people involved than that. If so, make sure that anyone who was part of the transactions clearly laid out in your invoice. Make sure the payment break down is all proper. The objective of an invoice is to be clear and it’s usually something given before your payment.

It’s a record that basically means you are owed money and it better be paid fully by your client or customer. As a small business owner or freelancer, the last thing you would want to do is chase your client for your payment. When designing an invoice, you do want to make sure there are certain things that are always there.
Invoice Date
The date has to be there. There are no ifs and buts about it. After all, how would you know when this invoice was issued? So a date serves as a mighty reminder of when the payment was received just in case there are any legal cases that you might get involved with in the future.
Invoice Due Date
Usually, this date is the same as the invoice date but if you plan to get paid later (Which we highly discourage), make sure you put the invoice date on it. Always remember, a slave gets paid later, a boss gets paid first. Obviously sometimes you have to do what’s best for your situation but try to get to the boss level as soon as you can.
Reason for Invoice
This is where you basically talk about what you pay for or what the payment was sent for. After all, the invoice was issued for something right? Well, that’s what you write in here. This is usually written in bullet form or in a line or two max. Here you also show the clear quantity or the weight if necessary of the product provides it. If it’s a service, make sure you’re really clear about what you did and if there are any other variables involved, like the number of times the service was performed etc.
Invoice Number
Just like you would do with an invoice, you want to make sure that there’s a transaction number or an invoice number that is on your invoice. This is how you will track your invoices.
Your Address
On an invoice, only your address is required. Or address of wherever the invoice is issued. It’s not like a contract where you have to showcase the addresses of all parties involved. The address is usually put right under the title of the invoice or at the bottom of the invoice.
Business Name
Your business name usually goes on top of everything or is at the bottom. Regardless of where you put it, make sure it appears clearly on your invoice. For the receiver, you want to make sure also the business in question has their name on it in a very clear way as well. This simple move may help you avoid any future conflicts . At the end of the day, an invoice is one of the most important parts of a transaction especially if you’re sending a payment. A good rule of thumb is to always hold onto your invoices because you can even use them for tax rebates or tax credits. If you can get the employee’s number who issued you the invoice would be even better.
Invoice Logo
Some businesses just leave their logo on the invoice instead of their business name. As long as you have one of them, you should be good to go. Having both is considered best practice though. So as you can see, although making an invoice might look pretty simple, it can be quite technical as well. One thing is for sure, if you ever want to prove that you paid for something, you better have your invoice.
EIN Number
If you are working with a proper company, make sure they ask you for your EIN number. Of course, everyone’s taxes is their own business but if the party or company you are about to invoice doesn’t ask for an EIN number, that might be a red flag. Not necessarily but something to keep an eye out for sure. An EIN number is usually shown on the top right of an invoice but anywhere where your client or the company you are billing can find it would work. If you are Canadian, then make sure you show your GST number.

What is an invoice generator?
An invoice generator is a tool that allows you to make professional invoices. You can download them or email them right away.

How to make an invoice?
There are many ways of making an invoice. You can use excel, Google Docs or MS Word. The fastest and most popular way right now is to generate these invoice online. You can do that with our invoice generator.

Are taxes necessary to show on an invoice?
This really depends but in most cases yes. If you are charging someone tax, then rule of thumb is to show them.

How do I make a PDF invoice?
You can use Adobe PDF or the usual go to tools like Google Docs, MS Word or even Open Office. Or after making your invoice here, you can simply press the download PDF button and you’ll get a PDF version of your invoice.