Invoice Template Excel

Believe it or not, even to this day, excel is one of the most popular way to create an invoice.

It’s not the most efficient, but when you don’t have a choice to send a proper PDF invoice or even an online invoice, Excel is the way to go.

The only downside about using Excel invoice is … It’s just old-fashioned.

Most people and companies prefer that their accountants get online invoices so they can be taken care of quickly.

With an Excel invoice it’s just another paper record that they got to keep.

Now we do understand every business runs differently and has its own way of doing things.

Taking that into consideration here are a few quality Excel invoices that you can use for your own consulting, freelancing or small business needs.

Also one very important thing to keep in mind is that Microsoft Excel wasn’t designed to create invoices. It was designed 2 create and show calculations internally. What we mean by that is it was designed for internal use of a company.

Another thing that Microsoft Excel lacks when it comes to fulfilling your invoicing needs, it’s not visually appealing.

Now who cares about the looks if you’re getting paid right?

However, if you’re waiting to collect your payment from a small company, it might not be an issue but if the company is and I don’t rise what has a lot of employees send accountant might be more inclined to pick up something that is more attractive and something that sticks out wisest and invoice.