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Artist Invoice TemplateSend a free artist invoice and make sure you get paid. Getting paid as an artist is essential.

Well as creative beings, we are not much focused on money are we?

Most of us, are kind caring people who just care about making our art.

Whether is painting, sculpting, designing whatever.

Reality is you deserve to get paid just as much and fast like any of those fat cats on Wall Street.

Or digital wall street sounds more appropriate.

The last thing you want to be is another ‘starving artist’.

Anyways, here are several types of art related invoices.

Which category do you fall under?

Abstract Artist Invoice

When charging for abstract art, you can actually get away with a lot. Abstract art is basically “perceived art”. Some might think it’s just a bunch of shapes while others might see it as the best thing they’ve ever seen. Either way, you want to be sure that if that moment occurs, where the buyer is completely sold on your abstract painting, make sure you have the fastest way to send this gentleman or lady an invoice right away. In some cases, if you’re selling a very large abstract painting and shipping is involved, make sure you show these charges on your invoice as well.

Modern Artist Invoice

A lot of things can qualify for modern art. Paintings, sculptures, table art, you name it. So only you know what kind of invoice you should send to make sure your payment is acquired in the fastest time frame possible.

A few tips we would like to add is if your modern art is anything other than a painting or requires special services to ‘maintain’ the piece of modern art, make sure you show that clearly on your invoice as well. Your buyer will appreciate the professionalism and they will definitely remember you.

Impression Artist Invoice

Due to the nature of this art form, an impression artist’s equipment is more expensive than your regular painter. It’s because you use special high quality colors, etc.

That said, a lot of impression art is sold for quite a lot too. Whether you own art is selling for millions or not, make sure you invoice your client for everything.

If it’s just the final artwork then it’s fine but if they are suppose to pay for any of the equipment as well, make sure it’s mentioned before you even send that invoice. Always best to be clear in your dealings (Common sense right?). You’d be surprised how many people lack it.

Pop Art Artist Invoice

Started in the 1950s, Pop Art became quite popular very fast. Even today pop art or variations of the original pop art can be found in movies, posters, commercials, etc.

Since pop art doesn’t require crazy high priced paints, brushes or anything like that, you can just shoot off a standard invoice to your pop art buyer. Of course it depends on your original deal but that’s the general idea. Just make sure you fill out the product description and how much to charge. These things should always be accurate.

Contemporary Artist Invoice

This is basically art created by the artists living today. This is art that is being created in our time. Tekashi Murakami, Cecilia and just some of the names that are creating some phenomenal work.

Since most of these artists use everyday materials, it’s hard to set a set price on what to charge. Make sure no matter what you do for your client, your costs are covered. Included them in your overall price for that specific piece of contemporary art that you are about to sell or have sold.

Graffiti Artist Invoice

Another form of modern art that somewhat developed in the late 70s and 80s, graffiti art is as you know, something that has worldwide appeal. Also known as ‘street’ art because all you really need is a bunch of spray cans and mad talent. Graffiti artists usually charge by the hour. It takes a lot of man work to produce something worthy so an hourly rate makes sense.

The more established artists charge per end result that is produced (Graffiti on a bridge, etc). They can get away with this kind of transaction because they are already well known but if you are starting out have somewhat of a decent following, stick to an hourly rate until you can command higher prices. At least that’s what we would suggest.

FAQ about Artist Invoice Template

What is an artist invoice template?

A template that is specifically designed to help an artist send and receive payment.

What is the best artist invoice template?

This really depends on what kind of art are charging for and what helps you and your client see that in a very clear way.

Who releases an artist invoice template?

In most of the cases, it’s the artist themselves or it could be the agency they represent.

Do famous artists use invoice templates?

All artists use invoice templates. It’s just a way of conducting business. It doesn’t matter if you’re famous or not.