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Auto Repair Invoice TemplateIf there is one area where parts and labor should be completely separated, it’s on an auto repair invoice.

After all, and oil change does include oil right?

So make sure your client is clear on this. Also most auto repair shops charge on an hourly basis, by just one time price or using pricing combo.

If we were you, we would religiously separate parts and labor on every single invoice.

We’ve heard some horror stories on how the clients end up just paying the service charge or something similar and totally skip out on the  actual labor fees or the hourly time you spent working on their vehicles.

The honest truth is it’s your responsibility to be as clear as possible.

We know up-selling is a big part of auto repair but if you don’t mention service charge and products in your invoice, you won’t be getting paid for them.

In some cases, showing all this information is just annoying but if you are taking care of expensive cars, these numbers can really add up.

Types of Auto Repair Invoice Templates

Here are some of the most popular auto invoice templates types.

Mechanic Invoice

This is the most standard and popular type of invoice that you can expect to get when you take your car for repair. Basically, it’s is mostly referred to as a mechanic invoice. It showcases the labor fees in almost 70% of the case but may also show the products used (Parts).

Brake Repair Invoice

As someone involved in the car repair industry, I’m sure you’re aware that brake repair is one of the most popular reasons why a vehicle might pull up at your garage. For this specific invoice, you basically need to focus on two parts. The cost of the brakes, and the time it took to install them. Make sure you mention any additional charges as well.

Oil Change Invoice

This is by far the most common thing a person may bring their car in for. An oil change is the most important part of maintaining a car so the invoice you release needs to reflect this very clearly. A straight oil change usually includes the service and oil charge but if you add anything additional charges, make sure it’s clearly stated. After all, you want to make sure that your customer is happy and keeps coming back.

Body Repair Invoice

As fellow car lovers, even if it pays us, it secretly hurts us to see damaged cars, doesn’t it? Anyways, as long as there are cars, regrettably, there will some not so perfect drivers. Until the day comes that we are all using automated A.I powered vehicles, use this invoice to take care of any auto body issues that require repair.

Vehicle Diagnostics Invoice

Diagnosing a vehicle to uncover and any inner mishaps or necessary work can be quite daunting. Make sure you charge properly on your invoice. Some car diagnostics technicians work or charge on an hourly basis so if you’re one of them, make sure it’s clearly labeled on your invoice.

Vehicle Refinishing Invoice

Now, this could be tricky because sometimes, you have to go back and forth in your work until the car owner is satisfied. So we highly encourage you jot down any additional changes that were out of your initial conversation or contract. This way, you and your customer will be happy and you can get paid without any conflicts.

As you can see, there are several types of invoices that you can issue when it comes to auto repair. It all depends on what the issue is and what would be the best way to serve your customer. Just remember the old saying, if it’s not on paper, it doesn’t exist.