Cleaning Invoice Template

Use our cleaning invoice template below to create unlimited invoices for your cleaning business.
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One of the most common services out there are cleaning services. As a cleaning service business, you already know the importance of keeping your books clear.

The faster you get paid, the quicker you can get the job done and move to the next client. It’s just how the business works.

The last thing you need is screwing up your invoices and getting unnecessary payment delays which can affect your service and worst case scenario, your reviews online.

In this kind of business, every little thing matters so you want to make sure that the invoicing part of the game is taken care of right away.

Blank Cleaning Service Invoice

Since most cleaning companies charge on an hourly basis, this is exactly why you should show on your cleaning service invoice. Depending on the client and the situation, sometimes an hourly rate is more than enough.

As it also covers your cleaning supplies and any other additional costs. This is what makes it a very good deal for the client.

So when you’re creating your standard bland cleaning service invoice, as long as you show the basic stuff such as each others address, the work done and the number of hours and you should be good.

Commercial Cleaning Invoice

When it comes to cleaning industrial or commercial buildings, your invoice cancel little complicated as well.

Since cleaning commercial spaces require additional and completely different kind of equipment, it is your job to show that in your invoice right from the beginning.

Before you ever proceed with a commercial cleaning job, make sure you know exactly what you were going to be cleaning and how long it’s gonna take you. This would be a good idea As you can give your client a more realistic estimate.

Also commercial cleaning can be very dynamic because an apartment building is much different than some industrial area. So each type of property requires different kind of tools that you may have to charge for it.

Once you take all of this in consideration, that’s when you release an estimate and eventually an invoice.

House Cleaning Invoice

Most cleaning services are employed by your every day house owner. In this case, you need to just bring in your regular housecleaning tools and anything else that may help you do the job faster.

Things like vacuum, cleaning sprays and Other required equipment is necessary to do a good job. Another thing to keep in mind is if there There’s any additional cost to this, then please show that on your invoice as well.

Obviously the rule of thumb is to discuss all these things before your cleaning services hired, but if they are aware of it don’t forget to mention that in your invoice.

As there have been many cases, especially in this industry where you do the job you got paid but due to your own misunderstanding you didn’t get the full amount.

You have to understand these are just house owners. They’re not professional business people. They are literally hiring you just to clean their homes in a professional way and pay you for it.

They don’t want to argue, they don’t want to nickel and dime they just won the job done. So whatever price you give them in the beginning, make sure it’s the accurate one and then send off your invoice.

Also another thing to keep in mind just make sure you get paid before you do the job. In this business, the cleaners are expected to charge first and do the job later.

Strata Cleaning Invoice

Out of all the cleaning services, this one is the most complicated and also the most financially rewarding. As you will most likely be cleaning building hallways, lobbies, parking lots and the list goes on.

Basically, your job is to make sure all the areas of a specific building are super clean and tidy. In this case, you might have to put out several invoices for each section of the building.

In fact, we recommend it. As it will help you and your client stay on track with what kind of cleaning job is still left and where it’s being done.

Try avoiding using a single invoice for all of your jobs. The main reason for this is you don’t want to forget what you actually did on this invoice.

Of course this is great news for the client but not so much for you. In most cases, the clients will actually tell you what you’re missing but down the road they will never hurt you again.

Why? As it makes you look unprofessional. When it comes to providing strata cleaning services, make sure you release the invoice first, collect your payment then go do the job. Then repeat the process for every other section of the building.

Janitorial cleaning invoice

This is a very straightforward invoice. When it comes to providing janitorial duties, it is almost 100% given that you will be paid on an hourly basis.

Also any equipment, supplies, clothing and other things are provided by the company or school that will hire you.

So the rule of thumb here is, send your invoice first, once youReceive your payment in full, then go perform your janitorial duties.

This will ensure that you will do a good job and your client will be happy to pay you right from the beginning. As it is expected in this case