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Commercial Invoice TemplateBeing one of the most important documents in the trade business, a commercial invoice template must be as accurate as possible.

In fact, we advise you to double or even triple check before sending out an invoice in the commercial space.
These invoices become even more important when you’re dealing with international companies. Especially when you’re dealing with freight companies.

After all as an exposure, the person who sensed a commercial invoice you should have everything on point.

The importer or the receiver of your invoice should have full confidence with who they’re dealing with so the accuracy of your invoice can make or break the deal.

Let’s have a look at what other things should be properly stated on a commercial invoice.

Commercial Invoice Logo

On most cases this isn’t necessary but on a commercial invoice, you definitely need a logo.

Looking professional is the name of the game here and when it comes to freight related transactions, you need to have your logo on there.

Most likely, you are dealing in the thousands so a logo on your commercial invoice is a must. No doubt about it.

Commercial Invoice Business Address

You definitely need an address here as well. Imagine there are some issues with your invoice or delivery and the recipient needs to return your product or service. How will they reach you?

Let’s say they had a real bad experience. They would want to reach out to your immediately. If you don’t have an address showing on a commercial invoice, the person who got your product or cargo won’t be able to return it.

This will create massive frustration and guess wht? Next thing you know they are leaving negative feedback for you on Google or something.

So make sure your address is there so you can have happy customers most of the time. You can’t satisfy everyone but at least minimize your risk.

Commercial Invoice Number

Extremely important. Especially on a commercial invoice.

When you send out large cargo or shipment, you must make sure that you have proper tracking and records.

An invoice number can help you do both and if there are any issues, you are the receiver can refer back to this number and sort things out.

Commercial Invoice Client Address

We don’t have to dive into this one because it’s pretty common sense.

After all, where exactly is your freight going to? Exactly. One thing we would like to add here is make sure you double check the client’s address.

Freight shipments that are mismanaged can cost quite a lot to fix. Do it right the first time so you don’t have to pay the price or extra cost in this case. Could be both. Best advice? Double check things and about any mishaps.

Commercial Invoice Date of Issue

Date of issue is downright essential on a commercial invoice. You and the receiver needs to be crystal clear on what date the freight or shipment was sent.

This will help you guys calculate the charges as sometimes, a freight shipment is based on how a long it will take for it to arrive. So make sure you have a your date of issue laid out nice and clear.

Commercial Invoice Due Date

On most invoices this would be a compulsory but for commercial shipment invoices, it may not be necessary.

Main reason is you sometimes don’t know when the shipment will arrive.

So your an’t really put a due date on when your client or customer should fulfill your invoice. Of course we recommend payment first but sometimes you have to be flexible.

Rule of thumb, don’t ship anything unless you get paid and the payment is cleared.

Commercial Invoice Business Number

When you are dealing with large shipments, most likely, you are dealing with real established businesses.

In this case, your business number is a must have. This will also help the other team’s (Shipment receiver) to expedite accounting aka your payment.

As some firms only deal with authorized businesses and real businesses have a business number.

Commercial Invoice Item / Description

No matter what you are shipping, simply state that in the item or description section. You don’t have to be too descriptive but enough for both parties to identify what the shipment is all about.

If there are any item numbers that you need to show, it would be a good idea to add those as well.

This will help the receiver of your shipment to identify what they will be paying for as well.

Commercial Invoice Taxes

If your state or province charges taxes.

Make sure you show them here.

In some cases, you might not have to but since we don’t give any legal advice, we will leave this section for you.

Commercial Invoice Notes

In this section, if there are any other instruction, feel free to share them here. If not, “a simple thank you” for doing business with us or something along those lines would suffice just fine.