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Looking for an invoice template in Word? Try our invoice generator (Used by real consultants) and create a professional invoice in a PDF format or email it to your client directly.

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If you are a consultant, most likely you use one of these tools. Either Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

According to experts there are millions of people who use Microsoft Word. After all, which business doesn’t require typing?

Also Microsoft word has literally set the standard when it comes to typing software for any kind of consultants or consulting firms.

After all, Microsoft Word can be quite responsive, great for practical individual work or for a team project.

Over the years, Microsoft Word has worked with a number of companies to further develop and perfect Microsoft Word. This has created tremendous results for consultants worldwide and has delivered some high quality work — on a budget.

In fact, Word is highly recommended by literally anyone who has ever used it. After all, it’s quick and efficient and the tech and strategic support is rated fairly well as well.

So with so much praise, why is Microsoft Word not a good tool to create invoices?

Well because it’s not designed to create invoices. It’s job is to help you type things out. It’s an amazing alternative fo a type writer, but not for a professional consulting invoice generator.

Now of course you can get away with creating an invoice template on Word but it’s not a real solution.

Especially if you are a full time consultant.

For someone in business that is doing it 24/7, you need to automate as much as you can while maintaining that professional look.

You can’t automate sending invoices with Microsoft Word. Especially when these invoices become a recurring thing.

When they do, how can you use Microsoft Word to send your invoices to the right client, at the right time and with the proper information?

Is that possible?

Regrettably not.

At least not with Microsoft Word.

That’s why you need a professional invoice generator that can help your out.

These days, you and invoice generator to help you do tons of things.

However, these are the ones that it should do at the most basic level.

Ability To Save

Microsoft can help you save an invoice. Here any professional invoice generator can you do the same so both of them get points here.

You must have the ability to save your invoice because first it will allow you to send it much faster the next time you want to use it (Recurring monthly invoice as an example). Second is if you want to re-use it for a different client, you can simply open the saved version and duplicate it.

So here, a professional invoice generator and Microsoft Word are tied.

Send Your Invoice Monthly

As a consultant, if you can get a few clients to pay you monthly, then you literally became full time overnight.

However, to maintain this, having a monthly invoice generating system can really help you out. After all, as a consultant, or as a business owner in general, your accounts receivable should be automated. So you can concentrate on sales and even more importantly, get paid on a regular basis automatically.

After all, cash flow is the life line of any business.

So when it comes to sending recurring invoices, Microsoft Word is a total fail.

Emailing Your Consulting Invoice

Now this is a big one.

These days, consultants are busy but so are their clients. The last thing they need is some old outdated ‘clunky’ looking invoice.

If you send them a Word invoice, guess what they need to view your invoice?

That’s right . . . Microsoft Word.

What if they don’t have it?

Well then you’ve done a great job of annoying your client and delaying your own payment.

That’s not the right way of running a business.

The ideal solution is either email your invoice directly to your client or attach is as a PDF. This is downright the best way so far.

Clients love it too because as a PDF, they can hold on to it and if it’s on email, they can simply pay you right away.

Assuming you gave them payment options to choose from.

Something that again, can’t be done if you were sending invoices using Microsoft Word.