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DJ Invoice TemplateSo just to get a little specific, what exactly should you feature on a DJ invoice?

Well, first thing is your hourly rate or whatever your fees are. That is pretty much a given. After that, put in how much you will charge for your transportation.

If you are a local DJ, then your basic fees might be enough but if you are flying in or even driving from another city, make sure you include your transportation charges.

Sometimes you could add it all in one lump sum but for tax reasons, it’s best to break all the costs down.

Of course, it all depends on what the deal was between the promoter and the management but it’s always best to show all costs on your invoice.

There are several types of DJ related invoices in use right now.

Here are some of them:

DJ Services

This invoice is great if you are offering just your basic DJ services. Add on your hourly rate or your one-time fee and off you go.

Wedding DJ

So many famous DJs got their start as a wedding DJ. Great way to see how the crowd reacts to the music. This sample invoice is for the wedding DJ on the come up.

Private Party DJ

Private parties can go from crazy, to downright wild. Make sure you get paid first alright?
Another main thing and is almost as important as your main fees is showing your percentage of the cut that you will receive after the show or your DJ set is over.

This usually is taken from the number of people who came to see you (Cover charge/tickets sold) or the food and beverage sales.

Again, all this stuff must be discussed before you sign and send an invoice. After all, you want to make sure of is that you will be receiving all your payments.

If this is the case, then you would need to send a second invoice right away. We really mean that by the way because in this industry, payments seem to get delayed and lost a lot.

Once everything is set, make sure you get the accountant’s number right away.

After all, this is a night based business so you won’t find an accountant after your gig is over.

Trust us on that.

Anyways, Not bad for a couple of hours of doing what you love right?

FAQ about a DJ Invoice Template

What is a DJ Invoice Template?

A DJ Invoice Template is what DJs or Disc Jockey’s use to invoice a club or venue where they will be performing.

What is the best DJ Invoice Template?

The best dj invoice template is the one that has all the tasks listed clearly. Such as how many hours did the DJ play for, any F&B costs (Food and beverage), perhaps your air ticket fee if the venue that hired you supposed to pay for and etc.

Who releases a DJ Invoice?

The best person to release a DJ invoice is either the DJ themselves or their management.

Do famous DJs use invoice templates?

Yes. A DJ usually collects the payment (Famous or not) before the gig. So having an invoice is a must.