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Electrician Invoice TemplateWhen you’re a licensed tradesmen like an electrician, getting paid on time is essential. especially when you have multiple jobs in one day.

As a busy electrician, there’s lots of things that you need to worry about.

The job itself, your equipment, and most of all your safety. The last thing you need is a client who isn’t acting right and refused to pay you.

So what’s the best way to make sure your client pays you on time?

By sending them a proper invoice.

After all, a happy electrician is a paid electrician. If you are someone who is planning on hiring an electrician, then you don’t want to mess around with these hard working folks.

For obvious reasons (If you enjoy electricity at least).

Hope your clients get a chance to read this too. Anyways, let’s have a look at the best way to send an invoice to your clients who hired you for your electrician skills.

Blank Electrician Invoice

Most electricians get paid on an hourly basis. It’s very rare that someone would charge a one time fee for a specific job but it does happen.

Not as often but it does.

However, as you are aware, the majority of electricians have a set rate and they simply follow through on it.

Moving forward, make sure you show your clients address and yours on the invoice. Sounds like something that should be second nature but if down the line, your client decides to sue you for one reason or other, you will have enough real proof to back yourself up.

Since being an electrician is considered a high risk job, any errors can be quite high risk as well. Not only that, sometimes you have to charge a very healthy amount to get the job done.

If your client decides to not pay you, at least you’ll have an invoice and hopefully a contract to hold them accountable if needed.

If you’re sending out multiple invoices or different tasks, make sure you do the same on those as well.

Commercial Electrician Invoice

When doing any kind of commercial electrician job, you have to make sure that you invoice accordingly.

After all, your client is a business and they are waiting for you to take the initiative to get the paperwork out of the way.

Just like yourself, they are also a business and expect you to be a professional in that area as well. The best part about working with a business on commercial jobs is the payment isn’t really an issue.

Once you release your invoice, they will pay you right away and then you can get started with your job.

Whether it’s installing some electrical components or just fixing the existing wiring, when you’re working with a business and helping them out with their commercial needs, things usually turn out to be good.

One thing we’d like to share with you is when you are taking over a commercial job, make sure you know the local rules and regulations.

If you break them, you can get into some serious legal issues with the city and that business that you were trying to help. Just follow the rules and you should be good.

Domestic / Residential Electrician Invoice

Helping a homeowner with their lighting and wiring issues is one of the most common job types for an electrician. Here your only job is to make sure you give the best estimate, followed by a solid invoice.

A homeowner is also usually a busy individual so they would appreciate if you send an invoice right away. Also the same rules apply which is make sure you fill out everything on your electrician invoice properly.

A lot of homeowners sometimes create disputes which may end up in court as well.

So proper documentation and clear documentation is highly recommended.

Also when you’re sending an invoice in a domestic or residential situation, make sure you send it a week in advance. This is because homeowners are not always home.

They do have mortgages which means they have jobs. So they are fairly busy individuals. The more you try to help them by sending an invoice earlier, the better off you’re going to be and most importantly, get paid.

Also with homeowners, you have to be very clear if there’s going to be any extra charges. If they have to pay the cost of your wires, or any kind of electric tubing, please let them know in advance.

This will create a positive experience for both of you and hopefully, will lead to more referrals and more jobs as well.

Maintenance Electrician Invoice

As a maintenance electrician, you most likely are helping factories and plants run like a well oiled machine.

These guys don’t mess around on the invoice as well. Most likely, you will be dealing with a manager and they will take care of your invoice right away.

Unlike residential electricians, most likely you’re probably charging them per job versus hourly (Fixing a circuit breaker as an example).

So make sure you clearly represent this on your invoice security (Fixing a fire alarm is another common one).

Working as a maintenance electrician can be quite rewarding financially too. So make sure your accounting is in check and invoices are sent right on time.

Highway Systems Electrician Invoice

As an electrician, being a highway systems electrician is one of the best. Not only are you on the road most of the time, but payment is literally never an issue.


You would be working for the government that’s why. So just make sure you do a great job and you’ll continue getting more gigs and you literally won’t have to worry about where your next paycheque is coming from. Just make sure your invoicing is on point.

The down side is highway systems electrician gigs can be quite dangerous. So if any additional safety equipment is required, please show that in on your invoice.

The city might call you in for emergencies as well. In this case, just give an estimate but follow up right away with an invoice.