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Equipment Invoice TemplateBefore renting out anything, make sure you have a clear contract and an invoice to go as well.

We’re going to assume you have the contract all set up but when it comes to invoicing, this can be a little tricky as well.

On your rental invoice, you should clearly state what you’re renting out and for how long.

Once you’ve added this in the description area, make sure you clearly label the costs and things of that nature.

If anything, try to make sure it matches the details: description in your contract. This will further protect you down the road. If there’s any necessary requirement for the law to intervene.

A rental invoice should show both parties when is being rented out and for how long. This is almost more important than the cost. Of course we’re being sarcastic, as nothing is more important than the costs but these two things are also very important.

A rental invoice in itself is considered a contract. As it’s evidence of went to parties are agreeing on. However, I still encourage you to create a proper contract before renting out anything.

Let’s have a look at some of the most common types of rental invoices out there.

Blank Rental Invoice

This is the most basic type of rental invoice. You simply show the persons name, their address what you are renting to them, the price of rental, the period of rental and that should do the trick.

A black rental invoice is simply a basic rental invoice but it does the job.

As long as the sure what you’re supposed to, you should be set.If you are renting as a business to someone, and not just as a freelancer, use your business number or text number so you can redeem it at the end of the year.

We’re not giving you any tax advice but make sure you check these things with your own personal business lawyer.

Equipment Rental Invoice

This is the most common type of rental invoice. An equipment rental invoice sounds simple but can be quite complicated In this invoice, you must adhere by the basic invoicing rules. Which is to show as much detail as possible.

As mentioned earlier, in some cases invoices can be used as legal binding contract, so you want to make sure that you have everything laid out nice and clear.

So what should you feature on your equipment rental invoice? Well you have to start off with your business name, the party you’re renting the equipment out to, and each other’s respective address.

Also when it comes to addresses, make sure you get the parties address where they’re going to be using your equipment. Not just their business address.

So you know exactly where your rental equipment is. Most people don’t do this, however, we highly recommend it.. This way, you can’t even sneak up on them and see how they’re using your rental equipment.

After all, you want to make sure that your rental equipment is being used by people who deserve it.

This way you can even record how they’re using your rental equipment, as it will help you use it as evidence. Obviously we don’t want you to ever get to such a position but it’s always good to be prepared.

Another thing you want to do, is make sure you have the proper serial number noted down before you rent out any equipment. If you have insurance on your equipment, even better.

This way you can stay insured and if your rented equipment ever gets stolen, there is an opening for it to be relocated through serial number tracing.

Music Gear Rental Invoice

Surprisingly, this is the most common way of getting your music production needs fulfilled. Through renting expensive music production and studio equipment.

Most DJs and music producers, always rent out equipment. Especially equipment such as studio monitors, or professional microphones.

When you’re renting out your music gear, follow similar guidelines as renting out any type of expensive equipment. John down the serial number, and on top of your regular renting fee, charge them some kind of deposit.

As music producers are notorious to get carried away due to the nature of the business and sometimes end up breaking the equipment. So to Stay safe, make sure you charge them some kind of a deposit.

Now when you’re charging them anything additional, keep in mind that a lot of music producers are on a budget. Some may not be able to provide you with the deposit. In this case, you just have to be creative and do some kind of barter deal with them.

This way, cash will continue coming in in your music rental business and your clients would enjoy getting flexible Payment options.

Furniture Rental Invoice

This is very similar to renting out music equipment. Do you want to make sure that you charge them your respective rental fee and if you can, charge them a deposit.

Most people who buy furniture, usually spend hundreds of dollars so asking them for a deposit isn’t going to be a big deal. Also most furniture rentals happen in commercial settings.

Bottom line, it’s mostly businesses that rent out furniture for some kind of showcasing or a 3 to 4 hour event.

Businesses who do this, have the money to put down a healthy deposit which will show you the party you’re dealing with are serious and provide you with extra protection when renting out your furniture.

In some cases, you can also get them to purchase or rent furniture cleaning equipment, which can put extra dollars in your pocket. Business owners also appreciate this as it gives them some flexibility to take care of any issues that they may have with your furniture. If you do happen to charge them extra for cleaning supplies, make sure you show that on your invoice.

Scaffolding Rental Invoice

One of the most common things that people like to rent is scaffolding. If there’s any kind of construction going on, you will see lots of scaffolding there.

When renting out scaffolding equipment or any kind of construction tools, make sure you’re dealing with the right people from the beginning.

The best situation is to deal with companies and try to avoid individuals in the sector. As this industry is notorious for stolen equipment.

If you are renting out scaffolding equipment to individuals, a deposit is a must. There is just no way around it.