Fire Saga Invoice

We created this invoice to honor this incredible movie. We are obviously referring to Eurovision Song Contest – The Story of Fire Saga.

Don’t worry, no spoilers here.

During a time where most of us are depressed, worried and just not our true selves, out comes a movie that magically combines all the elements of what makes us human beings.

Especially all the good ones.

Will Ferrell has mostly made some hilarious movies but he hit it out of the park with this one. Not just Will but everyone in the movie. Rachael Adams, being the leading lady, deserves the same amount of praise.

So what was so special about Eurovision Song Contest – The Story of Fire Saga?

It is very rare for a movie to combine all the good universal elements of life and present it in a nice entertaining way.

What are these elements?

  • Small little town: Automatically creates a nice ‘family’ feeling or a feeling of belonging.
  • Friendly people: Who doesn’t want to live in a town where everyone knows each other? Think of Simpsons, South Park, etc. For some weird reason, you feel like you’re part of the town.
  • Small town people with big dreams: Who doesn’t love seeing people coming from little towns and making it big? This underdog factor is embraced by literally all people no matter what walk of life you hail from.
  • Comedy: This is where Will Ferrel owns it. Laughter or comedy is another thing that everybody loves.  Will always adds his own unique twist. Like that part when the Ghost comes back lol.
  • Incredible music: Now music or dance numbers are not something you find unless you are watching a Bollywood movie but here they added that element as well. Some world-class singers were featured here and combined with comedy, it just became a perfect recipe for success. Plus the last song? They only way to describe is as OMG. Music is something that brings all people together and it was the theme of this movie.
  • Elves: The sense of bringing in elves in the movie just did an incredible number for most people. It took us back to our childhood. When it was fun to believe in so-called myths and legends (We believe in elves here). It also represented the culture of the country this movie was based in so it was like killing two birds with one stone. Definitely a great touch.
  • Sex-related humor: Sometimes adding sex to humor to get cheap laughs gets played out quick but using it every now and then works. Same thing in this movie. Especially with our Russian friend. The Lion Lover lol.
  • Cute moments: There were several moments here between Will and Rachael which were simply adorable. The chemistry was awesome and it’s always nice to see that ‘feel good’ part of us.
  • Rocky Father / Son relationship: Another important set of dynamics in this movie was Will’s relationship with his dad. Plus how he overcame it. Another major universal element that millions of kids can relate to. Thanks, Will for showing us that although having the approval of your folks is great, in the end, you have to be your own persona.
  • Some Politics: Will taking jabs at Americans in this movie was quite funny too. Especially with what’s going on in the world right now. However, we have to say that USA, all the way! There was some minor dirt thrown on other countries like UK as well. Since the character was European, I guess we can understand the anti-Anglo Saxon jabs.
  • Incredible costumes: The costumes of the musicians were simply amazing. Even the whole setup, lighting, and all that. It’s obvious some good money was spent on making each performance incredibly elaborate.
  • Beautiful locations: We knew Iceland was gorgeous but Scotland? Absolutely stunned like the rest of the world on how cute Scotland is. Edinburg is definitely on our list to visit soon.