Google Docs Invoice Template

If you are looking for invoice templates that are made on Google Docs, you will love our invoice generator. Create custom invoices then download them as PDF or email it directly to your client.

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Google Docs Invoice TemplateSo is using a Google Docs invoice template really worth it?

We’ve found excel invoices, or Google docs invoices to be “clunky” to say the least.

You have to understand what Google Docs and similar services are designed for . . .

You guessed it, for creating the best spreadsheets in the world.

However, that’s all.

Google Docs isn’t designed to create anything else. So if you try to use it for invoice templates, that just doesn’t make any sense.

Is it possible? Definitely yes! However, is it recommended? Not really.

Google Docs may work if you want to send just an invoice here and there within your own team but if you actually have a client or more, you need a professional and robust solution. After all, you are sending an invoice to your client, not your college roommate.

So looks matter a lot here. In addition, you need an invoice service that takes care of all the hard work for you. By hard work, we are referring to calculations.

For example, on a Google Invoice, you have to do the calculations yourself. You have to add formulas, you have to design it and even if your template has it all, you have to re-adjust things for every invoice. Not in all the time but sometimes, this is the case.

Also, a Google Docs invoice template just takes too long to fill out. If you go too fast on it, sometimes the formulas get jumbled up and “weird” errors begin to occur.

Especially if you need to change the taxes or update the quantity on an invoice. It’s just not in Google Docs but you won’t find it in any spreadsheet software. It’s because of the cells that are in your typical spreadsheet solution like Google Docs. Sometimes even moving your mouse around too fast can screw things up.

In all fairness, Google Docs is a great tool but again, it’s not meant to send professional invoices by a long shot. It’s just not practical in that sense and the functionality of Google Docs, especially when it comes to designing a professional invoice, simply falls dramatically short.

For example, an invoice template made on Google Docs can be downloaded as a PDF but can you email it directly to your client? Nope. With most clients being busy as they are, they just want to pay you and get over it. If you use a simple way to send and receive invoices, you can get paid faster and do your own accounting quickly as well..

After all, the easier it is for them, the faster your invoice will be fulfilled.

Another thing is can you use Google Docs to email your client automatically so your client doesn’t forget about it? Absolutely not. Emailing invoices now is a must. Since most clients are usually online, you need to make sure you can send your invoices in the fastest way possible.

Looking professional and speed is the name of the game. The faster your client gets your invoice, the sooner it will be fulfilled. That’s just how it works.

Regrettably, Google Docs doesn’t provide that function and we highly doubt they will be adding something like that in the near future. It just doesn’t make sense for them. Would be nice though.

As mentioned earlier, Google Docs is great for basic once in a while invoices but for your customers and your clients, you need a real invoice template generator. So you can not only send a professional looking invoice all the time but also have additional features in place like recurring invoices, autofill, ability to save your invoices and the list goes on.

After all, the whole goal is to automate your accounting as much as possible so you focus on the growth of your business. Invoice templates with Google Docs are great but for a pro invoice solution that you can use all the time, you need something that’s actually meant for it.

Granted PDF is a very popular way of sending invoices but if you want to get paid faster, online is the way to go.

Contrary to popular belief, Google Drive and Google Docs are not the same thing. They are totally different though part of the same company.

Google Drive is the umbrella that Google Docs falls under.