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Use our Google Sheets Invoice Template Generator to make your own custom invoices.

Then send your invoice as a PDF, or email it directly to your client / customer.

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Google Sheets Invoice TemplateAlternative to a Google Sheets Invoice Template

Making an invoice template is already hard, the last thing you need is something as confusing as Google sheets to make your invoice.

Use our tool below and make your own.

Don’t get us wrong, Google Sheets, just like it’s nemesis Excel, were awesome tools to create invoices.

However, emphasis is definitely on “were”. Here is the modern way of making professional invoices in seconds.

Using Google sheets to make invoices it’s great.

However, it’s a very time consuming and old fashioned way of creating an invoice.

After all, even you are aware that Google sheets is a web based spreadsheet service.

You don’t use a spreadsheet software to make an invoice.

It’s outdated, and ridiculously time consuming.

However, that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Let’s really dive in and see why using Google sheets to create your invoices is not really a good idea.

Especially in the present modern world.

Google Sheets Struggles to Make Professional Invoices

In business, you and I are both aware on how looking the part matters as much as actually doing the job or the service that you’re being paid for.

Let’s say you do an amazing job and it’s time to send your invoice to collect payment. If you send an invoice using Google sheets, this is how your invoice most likely will look like.

Nothing wrong with it but does it look professional to you? Would you like to receive an invoice that looks like this?

If analog was in fashion, or if your client loves it, you’re more than welcome to send them an invoice that looks like that using Google sheets.

However, if you want that professional yet “straight to the point” look which reminds your customers and clients that “hey it’s time to pay up”, then we recommend using a tool like ours.

This is how your invoice should look like or something like it. At least, this is how your clients prefer your invoice to look like.

Now which one would you prefer to receive? The first one using Google sheets or the second one?

We will leave that choice up to you.

Flexible Options in Invoicing Matters

Second thing that’s really important when it comes to an invoice is flexibility.

When you’re using Google sheets you are limited to very few design choices. In fact, you have to be really good with Google sheets to come up with some designs and make your invoice functional as well.

Once you have your design all set up, then you have to add your formulas and set up your Google sheets invoice that way.

As you may have Gathered or may already know (Especially if you’re already using Google sheets to create invoices) this can be a very painstaking and time-consuming process.

Once you have a Google sheets invoice template already to go, most likely things would start running fairly smoothly.

However, you can either waste a whole bunch of time, if not money to hire someone to make a google sheet invoice template for you, or you can do the latter.

Which is use a tool like ours and send out professional invoices, design them just the way you want for your business, save them as a template and go from there.

Once you have a design see it as a template, feel free to send it as many times as you want.

Each time you send it out, you will be emailing or downloading a PDF version of a professional looking invoice each and every time. plus your numbers and taxes are all calculated automatically.

All in a matter of seconds literally.

Speaking of PDF versions, if you download your Google sheet invoice template as a PDF, as you already know, sometimes it doesn’t look like it supposed to.

This is another major setback that can occur every now and then. In some cases, it happens all the time.

Another downfall when using Google sheets to create invoices. You have to understand that Google sheet is designed for spreadsheet work.

Google sheets is designed to make calculations and that’s it. It’s not designed to create professional looking invoices. So using it for that matter kind of defeats the purpose.

When are used to like ours, It doesn’t matter if you’re emailing her invoice or just downloading it as a PDF, it will always look the same as it did when you previewed it. We understand the importance of looking professional in your business and that’s why we take it to heart.

So if using a Google sheet invoice template works for you, that is great.

However, if you’re looking for a faster quicker more up-to-date and professional invoice solution, we highly encourage you to test out our invoice generator and see for yourself which works the best for you.