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Handyman Invoice TemplateBeing a handyman is already tough enough, the last thing you want to do is worry about sending an invoice and making sure it gets fulfilled. That’s why our east to use and straight to the point handyman invoice generator will get the job done for you without wasting your time.

So what should you include on your invoice? Most handyman jobs are charged for hourly. You probably have an hourly rate so make sure you use that in the description. If you are charging by the job and agreed on a one time fee, then use that instead.

The good thing about our general handyman invoice generator is that you can show both at the same time. Perhaps you are charging hourly to fix the fridge but have a one time fee for the company’s cafeteria vending machine.

Well you can easily show both and our invoice generator will calculate the total for you automatically.

Let’s have a look at some more job specific handyman type of invoice templates.

Home Repair Invoice

One of the most common types of jobs that you probably come across are home repair related. Whether it’s the flooring in the kitchen, or re-working the cabinet hinges, home repair is definitely one of the most popular types of jobs that you encounter.

Appliance Repair Invoice

Sometimes you maybe called in to fix the stove or the fridge. Whether you charge by the hour or charge for the entire task (One time fee for example), make sure you make a clear agreement with whomever hires you.
If you are just going in for a quick job and a contract may not be required, at least get them to sign a waiver or what not. These appliances can be quite expensive so a before you even send your invoice, make sure you get a waiver signed. Then you can send them an appliance repair invoice right away.

Shower Repair Invoice

This happens all the time. You’re taking a shower and suddenly, the nice soft drizzle turns into a full own fire department style hose. This is not just a sign of a faulty shower-head, but can be quite dangerous.
Especially if the person taking a shower is actually a senior. So before you go a shower-head fixing job, Ask your client if they need a brand new shower-head or not. If yes, add it to your invoice and don’t forget to charge them for labor as well.

Sink or Tub Repair Invoice

When someone calls you for a sink or tub fixing job, you already know what’s going to happen. In 99% of the cases, you just have to replace the entire sink or tub. Unless it’s related to the pipes, a broken sink or tub can only be replaced.
When this is the case, you must show the cost of the tub or sink on your invoice. Again, labor cost must be included. What we would suggest is send your client an estimate and then you can send them a full on invoice with all your billing and labor information.

Faucet Repair Invoice

One of the best jobs that you can get as a handyman is faucet repair. It’s one of the best ways to get paid for the least amount of work. Not to say it’s not challenging, but when you consider all the other work that a handyman does, a faucet repair is not so bad. Either way, charge your customer for the tools, your time and if you had to buy a brand new faucet or pipes, that’s going in the invoice as well.