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When you have hotel guests staying, a good percentage of them could be business owners. In fact a lot of people who stay in hotels are businessmen or women travelling for just that . . . business. 

No we are not talking about any “funny” business although that is very common in the hospitality industry. We are referring to people in the world of commerce who may bet your hotel because of a seminar (Very common by the way) or some company event, etc. It could even be a first time meet up with their new bosses who recently acquired their company, etc. Point is reasons could be endless why someone is staying at your hotel. 

However, for business reasons, there is a good chance anyone on a business trip will definitely request an invoice. After all, they can perhaps deduct it as a business expense. Especially if they were there to work, etc. Now we are not lawyers or accountants so as a disclaimer as your money managing professional about these kind of details. One thing we can help you with is how to create and send that perfect invoice.

Hotel Logo

Logo is very important on a hotel invoice. First it will tell them where it’s coming from and second, it will make you look professional. After all, you are running a professional establishment right? So a logo will help you maintain that. If the person who stayed at your hotel was some busy business person, they can recognize your logo and that may increase your chances of getting your payment right away. So having your hotel logo on your invoice is essential. Just like the soap and shampoo that you provide them with (Well at least we hope you do).

Hotel’s Address 

Putting a logo is good enough but being a established business, you need to show your address. Imagine getting an invoice from MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, without a physical address. What would be the first thing that will come to your mind after seeing it? Is this from the REAL MGM? Exactly! So an address is a must for your client or perhaps your former hotel guest to know the invoice is real

Invoice Number

This might not be important to you but it sure is to the guest who stayed at your hotel. Let’s say the person who stayed at your hotel was on a business trip. If something is a business expense, they maybe in a position to possibly show the rooms they rented for were money.

Guest’s Address on Hotel Invoice

Well seems like common sense but you’d be surprised how many hotels don’t include their guest’s personal address or their guest’s given address on their invoice. Just doesn’t feel right now does it?

Due Date

A due date’s job is to tell your hotel guest when they should make the payment. What we sould suggest is perhaps adding a letter with your invoice (As most hotels do) and clearly lay out the penalties for not paying the invoice on time. Similar to how credit car companies do it. This will not only help you get your payment right away but also save the guest from possibly having bad credit.

Hotel Invoice Issue Date

When releasing your hotel invoice, make sure the date of issue is there. There are many reasons for this but lets look at the main ones. First, any invoice released by any legit business, whether a hotel or not, is expected to have a date on it. Unless you want your friend to pay for something, the date of issue should always be there. Even in this case, we recommend you always have the date. 

Second reason is you want your guest to know what date the invoice was issued on so they can compare it with when they actually stayed at your hotel. Plus it’s more of an expected thing don’t you think? Anyways, if you want your guest to take your invoice seriously, show the date of issue. It will also help immensely down the road in case there are some issues witht he person who stayed at your hotel.

Hotel’s Business Number

Believe it or not, you don’t need ot show your business number. These usually applies to consultants or service based businesses. For hotels, a business number may not be necessary. That said, this also depends on which province or state your hotel is in. Best to check your local laws before sending your hotel invoice.

Hotel Invoice Item / Description

This is where you will put information about what room thy stayed in and how long. Basically, anything they ordered or bought in your hotel would go here. In most cases, it just might be the room number, room type, number of guests and room service charges. If they were hanging out in your hotel and ordered something which was charged to the room, that would go in here as well. Make sure before any guest checks out, you have all the data you need to ensure a nice smooth checkout. Your guest will appreciate it and this will lead to more business. No doubt about that.

Hotel Taxes

If you are sending an invoice to a guest of yours, they must see the taxes. After all, a real invoice always shows taxes. Unless you were sending an invoice to a friend of yours, it’s always a good idea to show how much money the government will be taking as well. You should do this for two reasons. First, you are a real business. Second, if you are a real business (Have a hotel license), you might be legally obliged to show taxes.

Hotel Invoice Notes

This is the fun part. Here you have the option of leaving lots of things. Such as a “Thank you for staying” note or perhaps a dicount coupon code which may encourage your user to come back for another day or two. The options are really endless here. One thing is for sure, you should always leave something here. Don’t let this space go empty.