Hourly Invoice Template

Here we have one of the most advanced hourly invoice generators around.

Simply replace quantity with hours (Just type it in) and replace ‘Price’ with your hourly rate.

That’s it.

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Guess what is the most common type of payment method? It’s hourly.

Most of the world is set on earning money on an hourly basis.

That’s why I, an hourly invoice template is one of the most common types of invoices that are sent around the world. It is said that in most of the developed countries, hourly wages make up for 90% of the worlds income. This is a substantial difference versus its counterpart, which would be getting paid on salary.

Or a fixed income if that makes more sense. So if you have a job, there is a good chance you’re earning an hourly wage voice is fixed. So what are you do, to collect this payment? You sent an hourly invoice to your hiring manager, or directly to your CEO. If you’re working for a decent organization, most likely this is all taken care of online.

You simply submit it in your bank information, YourPersonal info like name address and government related things, and then off you go.However, if you are a small business owner, or a freelancer, then you need to send this invoice yourself. Now there are some pointers to be like to share it with you which are absolutely necessary when it comes to sending an hourly invoice.

Besides the obvious which is making sure your name and your client or customers name is Clearly print it, both of your addresses need to be on there as well. In our invoice generator you’ll see an option that says PO number, simply replace that, if you don’t need it with your business or GST number.

Showing your business number is essential on these invoices. If you don’t have one that’s fine but in most cases you should show them. Due to legal reasons, we can give you legal advice but sets definitely something you should look into. After all, the last thing you want is Uncle Sam knocking at your door.

So once these essentials are taken care of, clearly show what task you are charging for. Here you also have to show the quantity and if applicable, the type of tax you’re charging them. The best part about using her invoice generator is you can simply show the percentage and it will calculate everything for you. Once that’s done, use the quantity to show the number of hours on your invoice. You can also change it to whatever you like but in this case, changing it to an hourly thing makes more sense.

Once you have all these things taken care of, you cannot send an hourly invoice. If you’d like to see this hourly invoice simply click here.

So who sends an hourly invoice? Well, in most cases it’s people who work on an hourly basis but that is not entirely accurate. Some jobs, after being done or completed, are charged for in multiple ways. For example, you might charge a fixed amount for the products or materials used to cover your costs.

However for the actual work done or the labour, You might charge hourly. If you’d like to show both of these on one invoice, simply replace quantity with charges and then show your quality in the column.

Some of the most common jobs that require an hourly invoice or freelancing, each work related jobs, dental invoices, and a whole bunch of other jobs as well.