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HVAC Invoice TemplateSo what are the elements that are really important when it comes to an HVAC invoice.

Well the first thing you need to look at is what are you pricing for? As obvious as it sounds, in most cases a lot of HVAC service providers do not list the details.

You may have heard of the saying that goes “It’s all in the details”. When it comes to any kind of HVAC job, it literally is.

The most common way of charging your client or your customer in any HVAC related service is by charging for parts and labor.

By parts we mean the equipment involved (Electric furnace, heat pump, etc) or even extra equipment bought, and things of that nature. My labor we literally just mean and the time involved.

Let’s start with the parts and labor first. As an example, say you’re just fixing an air conditioner, what exactly are you charging here for?

Are you charging for just for your time, or are you charging here for additional parts such as the air filter or cleaning the air conditioner as well? Do you have to replace any internal buyers as well? If you do? That’s a cost to you and if it is, you better show it on your invoice.

Here are some specific types of HVAC invoices:

Flat rate HVAC invoice

This is the most common way of charging your customer. You simply tell them what your hourly rate is and how long it’s gonna take you to fix that vent or clean out the air conditioner and you charge them accordingly. It’s a nice simple way of doing your work and at the same time being crystal clear on what the charges maybe. This kind of invoice is appreciated by the client, And HVAC service provider such as yourself.

Heating HVAC invoice

This is a more job specific invoice and when it comes to heating, you know the parts and time involved can be up and down. In these kind of jobs you usually give them an estimate first, which eventually turns into a modified invoice. From what we’ve gathered, heating jobs can be quite an undertaking. Especially in corporate environments.

AC Service Invoice

What are the most complex things for any HVAC specialist is fixing an air condition. Since there are so many Variables involved in fixing an air conditioner properly, you really need to price yourself accordingly. The last thing you wanna do is cut yourself short. Especially when fixing an air conditioner let me be used in the first place. Since used air conditioners break down a lot, you need to document every single thing that you’re doing to make sure you get paid the right way..