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Adobe Indesign Invoice TemplateAdobe indesign is an incredible too. In fact, a lot of software that comes from adobe is just awesome.

Indesign is definitely one of them. No doubt about that.

However, Adobe in design it’s not really designed to create invoices.

Yes it’s one of the most phenomenal creative tools out there, but Adobe indesign is not meant to make professional accounting invoices that you can send directly to your client.

You can definitely give it a shot and come up with some beautiful looking invoices but it’s like trying to make a barbecue in your microwave.

A microwave is great for what it’s suppose to do but not for a BBQ.

You see, if you were making an Adobe in design invoice template, visual aspect of it, then Adobe in design makes sense.

Feel free to use it to design a custom invoice template but how will you punch in the numbers?

Isn’t that the main purpose of your invoice?

Or are you going to just send a nice design to your client and be like “Yeah can you fill this invoice out yourself and pay me as well?”.

We can assure you, if you do that, it would be the last time that client will deal with you.

Adobe Indesign is a software that is specifically designed for you to make visual products.

For example, if you want to meet magazines, posters, business cards etc then nothing beats Adobe Indesign.

Although some might argue that MS Paint on Windows is enough but let’s just not communicate with these people at all.

However, if you actually want to do calculations, you literally can’t use a software like in design. There are no built-in calculators, accounting formulas and things of that nature that will help you create a robust invoice right from the start.

So is there a better way to create invoices?

Well let’s have a look at our tool that you can use right away and start sending professional invoices for free. There are a few other tools that can help you as well but we made it the fastest and simplest way to send an invoice.

Our invoice generator is designed for one thing, sending professional invoices that land directly in your client’s inbox.

You also have the option to just download a PDF version of your invoice with just a click of a button and do what you want with it.

There is already a professional (Not just an indesign invoice template) design that you can use and run with. In fact, we’ve tested this specific design and it shows that 90% of your invoices using our default template will get you paid faster than anything else out there.


Your clients only care about two things when it comes to an invoice.

  1. Is it professional and clear?
  2. Did they receive it?

Our tool solves both of these pain points. The sooner your client gets a professional looking invoice, the faster they will pay.

If they delay your payment, our auto-reminder will keep harassing them (Why not right?).

Anyways, no matter what tool you use, when it comes to sending invoices, you want to make sure the design and the quality of your invoice is professional.

That is just a must.

Can Adobe Indesign provide that? Absolutely.

However, you need something that can also function enough so you can download it, do your calculations, and even email it right away if possible.

Statistics show that clients or customers that get invoices directly in their inbox, seem to be fulfilled faster.


As it helps your client deal with them while they are managing their own business, etc. Which can naturally be stressful and time consuming.

With the invoice generator such as ours, your taxes are calculated automatically, your total is calculated automatically and whatever needs to be taken care of, it’s done on its own.

If you decide to save this invoice, you can do that as well and not only that, you can create a recurring invoice so it goes on your behalf whenever you want it to go out. This way, when you look at your bank account at the end of the month you will see that your customers are paying you on time. Best part, you don’t have to chase them anymore.

As we mentioned earlier, although Adobe indesign is a great tool, it is not meant for making and sending invoices to your clients. You need a proper tool that understands the business side of things, the accounting side of things and helps you streamline the entire process.

So although know you’re more than welcome to use any tool you like to make them invoices, we just wanted to share with you a really easy way to make professional and brilliant invoices that gets delivered directly to your client each and every time.