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Landscaping InvoiceOne of the funnest things to do (Although requires a lot of hard work) is landscaping. If you love the outdoors, and are creative at the same time, landscaping is definitely for you.

The not so fun part about landscaping is when your clients don’t pay you on time. This is where things go from good to worst real fast.

As a landscaping business owner, you want things to go smooth. Like the grass that you cut. So what can you do to avoid these situations?

The first step is to send these invoices on time. In fact, we recommend you send them a few days before your due date.

This will give your client a few days to get the funds together (If need be). A good client is someone who pays you on time so in most cases, this shouldn’t be an issue.

However, there are a lot of home owners who don’t have the time or are just busy with work that may miss or forget about your invoice. Some people do have legitimate reasons but the best thing we can do is send them the invoices slightly earlier than usual.

Home owners also have families so they are naturally busy people. Landscaping to them is important (The house has to look good right?), however, family comes first.

Let’s have a look at the various types of landscaping out there and the right type of invoice you should create for each job.

Turf Installation Invoice

When you are installing turf, you need to get the payment part out of the way. We are talking full payment as well. After all, you need to buy the proper equipment, materials and other things to make sure you do the job right.

The last thing you want to do is finish the job completely, install that perfect turf and Jet shot down by your client. wish me to turn into something worse which is not getting paid. This happens a lot in the industry, so make sure you discuss the things that you need to before taking any action.

Even after that, don’t begin installing any kind of turf anything related to Landscaping before you get the payment in full. This is just a given.

Lawn Mowing Invoice

One of the most common types of landscaping is lawn mower. For some landscaping companies, this is over 80% of their business. Now although most of the lawn mowing jobs are in the residential areas. The good chunk of the revenue comes from commercial lawn mowing or general lawn care.

So, you want to make sure that when you are performing your lawn mowing duties, the money has already been received not either yourself, or your accounting team. You’re not collecting payment after the job. The only time this is okay, is when you’re dealing with large businesses. Since they have payroll, sometimes it takes a day or two to get your invoice fulfilled.

Even in this case, your lawn moving invoice will most likely be taken care of fairly quickly.

Clients like these are awesome, because when they pay you on time it shows that they respect your work. Which only makes you want to do a better job next time you get a chance to mow their lawn.

Weed Trimming Invoice

This is the second most common type of landscaping work. Trimming weeds depending on the size, could be very lucrative. Especially if you get a building to take care of. Wednesday’s contracts turn monthly, the revenue generated can be recurring in a very big help to the overall business of landscaping.

Here’s the rule of thumb is if you’re doing weed trimming jobs for individuals, collect your payment before you cut or change anything. This will help you put your mind at ease and concentrate more on the job ahead. If you’re dealing with multinational businesses, we should be taking 50% of the payment at the very least.

Also it’s quite common, to just take 50% of the payment if it is your first time working with them. You can use this as a sign of good faith and create a relationship from then on. Best thing about weed trimming when it comes to the landscaping business as you can send invoices on a regular basis. As weed trimming requires regular maintenance as well.

Planting Flowers Invoice

When it comes to Landscaping, you know planting flowers and setting the right fertilizer is part of the deal. If you are not good at this, then you will have a hard time creating a sustainable business. As an experienced landscaper, you already know this.

So how do you deal with the invoicing side of things when it comes to planting flowers?

You first discuss what kind of flowers they need. Once that is done, you need to give them the right quote or estimate for those flowers. Flowers fall in a very broad price range so you want to make sure your pricing is accurate. Show each type of flower as separate in the description area of your invoice.

This will be easier for you to price and simple for your client to understand as well.

Also make sure at the end of your invoice, you add in the cost of labor as well. It’s always nice to keep these two separated.

At the end of the day, not matter what kind of landscaping job you are doing, it has to be clearly labelled, and described in your invoice. There are cases where some turned into court cases. It’s just part of the business and definitely not as common.

However, it’s always best to be prepared for things and look at the bright side and the dark side of doing business at the same time. This will help you get your paper work in check right from the beginning and if there are any issues, you will have everything you need (Including your invoices which may turn out to be a life saver), when the time comes.

In most cases though, this is very rare in the landscaping business.