Lawn Care Invoice Template

Use our lawn care repair invoice template generator below to create unlimited invoices. Download your lawn care invoice as a PDF or email it straight to your client to close your next lawn care gig.

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lawn care invoice templateWhen you are in the lawn care business, time is money. You get a call for a job, you discuss the work involved, send your invoice, get your money and then go do your work.

Whether it’s general yard maintenance, cleaning up the gutters, overall hedge maintenance or any other related service, time is very important.

So how can an online invoice generator help you?

If you aren’t using any automated tools to take care of invoicing in your lawn care business, most likely you are wasting a lot of time.

Don’t get us wrong though . . . Every company has their own way of doing business. However, having automation in your business can really help you grow your lawn care business.

All by simply freeing up a lot of time that you can use to acquire more lawn care related jobs.

Just like in any business, professionalism matters. Your work might be great but if you are not showing that on paper first, most likely, you won’t even be considered for the next yard maintenance gig, etc. So looking professional even in the lawn care business matters.

Now how do you show that on a lawn care invoice template?

It all starts with the logo

A professional logo can change the game for you. It all starts with a logo on your invoice.

No matter how it actually looks (It’s your logo and you should be proud of it), once placed on an invoice though, it just screams ‘professional invoice’.

So make sure you put yours no matter how big or small the total of that invoice is.

Show Both Addresses

Always show your full business address. This is a must. Your client might have a few other people they may have hired in the past with similar name as yours.

After all, a lot of business in the lawn care industry have very identical names. So to make sure you stand out (Plus get paid on time of course), make sure you differentiate yourself by adding your full address. It will make you look professional and help your client remember you. Especially if you do a good job.

Show Your Business Number

Now how you do your taxes is your business but if you have a business number, it’s best to show it on your invoice. This will actually help expedite the fulfillment of your invoice. In fact the accountant of you client would really appreciate it. Especially if they are a fellow business owner themselves. Bet you didn’t know this insider tip.

These are just a few advantages of sending a professional invoice to your client. It will make you look like the right person for the job and get you paid fast.

Now although this can be achieved by many invoicing tools in the lawn care industry, one thing that’s not common is sending a recurring invoice.

Let’s say your client really likes your work and hires you for weekly maintenance of their lawn. How would you invoice them? Are you going to sit every week at your computer and go through the entire process? Maybe you saved most of the repeating things but you would still have to update the date right?.

Is this time consuming? Maybe not so much but annoying? Definitely. If you want your business to grow, you need to automate everything you can.

What if you simply automated this entire process? Including the date on your invoice.

You client gets your lawn care invoice right in their email every single week and all you have to do is just show up for work and do what you do best.

As soon as your client gets your invoice, it gets fulfilled almost right away.

Then you go back to your next job or focus on growing your business further. That’s the power of automation and using an online invoice generator such as ours, can help you achieve that goal almost right away. Whether you are in the lawn care business or any other product or service based business that requires invoicing your clients.