Mechanic Invoice Template

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One of the most satisfying jobs out there is being a mechanic. Granted you don’t make as much as you like to, however the fun part of using your hands to do a job it’s super satisfying.

Also did I mention that you actually got to work on cars?

How cool is that! How funny site, there’s no doubt that being a car mechanic can be a very tough job as well.

Sometimes it can take hours just to do one simple job. Which can be quite frustrating and hard on the body.

I guess you can see there’s two sides to everything and the same thing applies to the life of a mechanic.

As far as the business side goes, a mechanic usually gets paid on an hourly basis.

It is only when you recommend products, like wiper blades, air filter, antenna, and more that you can charge your client per product.

Most invoices for mechanics are a combination of their hourly rate and the items that they upsell to their customers.

Personally speaking, we don’t like the word upsell, We prefer the word recommendations because that’s exactly what you’re doing.

You did your diagnosis, you looked around the car and found certain things that could be improved and that’s called recommending things.

Since working as a mechanic can be a very handy job, do you want to make sure that when you’re sending out your invoice you show all the work that is done and all the bits and pieces that were in wild.

For example, if you bought something on your own to help your customer or client with, then make sure you add that to your invoice.

The main reason for that is the more crystal clear you are the sooner you will get paid. It’s truly a simple as that.

So how do you clearly lay out details on your mechanic invoice?

Well you first start out with your hourly rate. This is the most standard thing so it will get catch your clients eyes right away.

After you lay out your hourly rate, you can then add the remaining one time tasks one by one.

Just make sure you put that accurate pricing so it’s easier for your client to process everything and eventually fulfill your mechanic invoice.

Car Repair Invoice

Also as a mechanic, you’re probably aware that there are different tasks involved. For example, in some cases you just might have to send a simple Car repair invoice.

If this is the case, then be very specific on the work that you completed. Here you can also do the same thing which is either charge a one time fee for the job done or do the hourly thing.

No matter what you do, just make sure you clearly displayed out on your invoice so your client or customer can process that immediately and get your invoice fulfilled.

Brake repair invoice

When you are repairing brakes, you can either charge for the actual labor or parts and labor combined. If your client is paying for the brakes, make sure they provide them as well.

If not, then you have to charge them for the brakes and the shipping and handling that it took for you to require them. Once you install the brakes, you can charge them a one time fee times four and there are four tires.

At least it seems to be the standard way of charging a client when it comes to break repair.

Radiator change invoice

This can be a tricky job to do for any mechanic out there. As radiators are usually changed by the companies manufacturer.

If you decide to do this with your client make sure they’re aware that it may void their cars warranty if there is any left. Also doing a radiator job sometimes takes more than a day or two.

Not because of the time involved but because as a mechanic you’re probably involved with other tasks as well and with different clients.

Car Lights Change Invoice

Changing car lights can be really complicated but what can make it worse is not charging properly.

We are not just talking about headlights here, it could be engine lights, interior lights, lights around the odometer region and the list goes on.

After all, a car has many lights. So no matter which one you replace, make sure you are very specific and clear in stating it in your invoice.