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Medical Invoice TemplateJust like with anything related to the medical industry, when issuing a medical invoice template, it’s always a good idea to be super focused.

You don’t want to under or overcharge someone as it could be your very last customer. Also being in the medical field, the last thing you want to do is play around with your pricing.

As a lot of the medical market is controlled and monitored by local governments. One thing that people in the medical industry don’t tolerate one bit are mistakes.

They can’t afford it at the operating table and they don’t like it when it comes to buying or selling medical equipment, products, or services.

After all, some patient’s life depends on it and a good medical company will never take that lightly. Let’s have a look at your medical invoicing options.

Types of Medical Invoices
There are several types of medical invoices that are quite common. Below are the most popular ones.

Fillable Medical Invoice

This is one of the most basic types of invoices in the medical world. Your classic ‘fillable’ medical invoice. A few important things should be shown here such as practitioner’s info, the name of the medical clinic, and of course, specific medicine codes.

Medical Implant Invoice

Only released by authorized individuals in the medical field, an implant medical invoice can require more than a few health boards to sign on before it’s released. Just find out who these boards make sure you have their permission before releasing any such invoices.

Equipment Rental

If you’re in the business of renting out medical equipment, this invoice is for you. Now you can clearly show the exact specs of the equipment that you are renting out. Just make sure the quantity displayed is accurate so you can get paid properly for them.

Medical Marijuana Invoice

Now that it’s legal (In most places), medical marijuana invoices require the proper and accurate display of the dosages, quantity, and of course, the description of the type of strain you are sending an invoice for. As some strains of marijuana can be “laced”, accurate information on your invoice is a must. Or it can even lead to some legal issues in some countries.

Blank Medical Invoice

This is your classic blank medical invoice template. Add your clinic or dispensary’s name, the patient’s info, and off you go. Make sure you always add the real amount of medicine or dosage that you are going to be using. In the medical business, being accurate can mean life or you know what.

Prescription Invoice

In some cases, you might have to send out an invoice for a prescription. This depends on your relation with your patient(s) really. For example, a lot of celebrities or high profile individuals may require you to send them an invoice (Being regular patients and all).

In this case, make sure not only your invoices, but your records are straight either. Nobody likes being sued for negligence. No matter what kind of medical invoice you plan to send out, make sure you clearly display the doctor’s and the medical practice’s name.

These are probably one of the most important factors in any kind of medical invoice. Obviously you want to have the right product description (Dosage if possible) and things of that nature. However, if your invoice doesn’t show the right personnel, that could be an issue.


What should be on a medical invoice template?

All the bare essentials and a lot of details. Keep in mind that medical invoices have to be extra accurate. Be very diligent when releasing these.

What is the best medical invoice template?

Again this depends on what facet of the medical world you are releasing an invoice for. If it’s related to dental marketing for example, then you need to have a very clear cut invoice. So at the end of the day, it all depends.

Should I have my logo on a medical invoice template?

Most medical invoices just have the name of the vendor or clinic. So putting a logo on your medical invoice is entirely optional.

Do I have to show taxes on a medical invoice template?

If you are a medical clinic operator yourself, you may not need to show taxes on your medical invoice. Again, the best thing here would be to check with your local laws. Regrettably, we don’t offer any legal advice nor should you take our word on it.