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Open Office Invoice TemplateMaking an invoice in an open office can be a bit tricky. Unless you’re an expert at making your own templates, the process can be quite grueling.

Worst part, it kills time. When it comes to getting paid, you should be able to fire off invoices right away. Your clients or customers are already busy. The last thing they need is waiting on someone’s invoice.

Honest truth is nobody likes paying invoices so if you take your time with it, your customer or client will be more than happy to delay things further.

Whether you are using some special open office template or our invoice generator, the timing of your invoice is just as crucial.

Anyways, let’s dive in a little deeper.

Let’s see how Open Office Invoice Template is an ancient way of creating an invoice

Open Office Invoice Template vs CODE3 Invoice Generator

There are few things that really matter when it comes to creating an invoice. It has to be clear for both parties. It has to look good and professional, and have everything that you and the other party needs.

Let’s break it down in each step


When you create an invoice with Open Office, most of the time you don’t even know if the template is going to work or not. The issue of being ‘clear’ comes down the road. As far as workability goes, again you are simply dependent on the mercy of how a good a certain Open office invoice template might be.

If it works great. If it doesn’t (In a lot of cases, this happens to be the reality). Then you just killed 45-60 minutes of your time. Not mention how frustrating this process can be.

If however, you were using our invoice generator, you’ll be done in minutes. There is a reason why we don’t offer any crazy template options, etc.

The person fulfilling your invoice doesn’t care about fancy colors. They just want to get the job done.

As long as your invoice looks professional, has everything it’s suppose to, then you should be set.

Looking Professional

This will be a good segway for this topic. When you are sending an invoice, you must look professional. There is no doubt about that. In business, looks matter but professional looks matter even more. When you use an open office invoice template, sometimes these templates look great, however, when you try to turn them into a PDF, the look might change drastically.

Imagine spending a good chunk of time adding your logo, your client’s business information, your own information, all the required numbers, product description, taxes, etc. Then spending more time double checking everything.

Finally, when you think everything looks perfect, you download it as a PDF and . . . the whole thing looks like a misaligned puzzle.

All that time and effort just wasted.

Of course not all open office invoices are like this but when they are, it is way more than a far cry from annoying.. When you use CODE3, you always get professional looking invoices that you can download as a PDF and guess what? It still looks like it’s supposed to.

Now when you use our email functionality, it will email the invoice right away as well. Once your customer or clients opens the attachment, it would again, look exactly like it’s suppose to. Professionally aligned and without any mishaps.

This is one major advantage you get with us vs using an open office invoice template.

That is consistency.

Last thing that you need to keep in mind when you decide to use an open office invoice template is how customizable is it?

Customize your invoice for your industry

Some invoices are just plain jane and more basic than a college Trump hater. You are more than welcome to spend time (A good amount of time unfortunately) to find the right type of open office invoice template for your business or again, create the most accurate invoice for your business using our tool.

Each industry, heck each business is different. Every industry requires its own set of variables that may need to be counted for and represented on an invoice. So at the end of the day, you want to have access to an invoice template that can be changed and rearranged as your business or client’s needs be.

Now as mentioned earlier, there are lots of business and industry specific invoice templates out there but again, you almost always have to modify one thing or another. If that’s how your workflow is, that’s fine. However, another way is to just work with a tool that can help you design an invoice anyway you like and then you can save it as a template.

After that, use it as much as you want.

So it’s pretty much a choice.