Photography Invoice Template

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Photography Invoice TemplatePhotography invoicing is a little bit different than your usual invoicing.

As a photographer, your job is not to just get paid on taking a few images and framing a bunch of pictures.

Photography today (Especially digital photography) is a little bit more complicated.

You have a whole plethora of types of photography and don’t get us started on the type of lenses that are out there.

That is a whole another monster on it’s own.

It’s not just about clicking away on a simple Kodak camera anymore. Wait a minute . . . what is Kodak?


Here are some more examples of various sub-niches within the photography industry.

Photography Assistant Invoice Template

So you are now moving up in the photography world, got a nice portfolio and people are handling you bigger projects. This is where things might get complicated if you don’t take care of business right away. Bigger projects usually require assistants and nothing is worst than a flaky photography assistant.

You don’t want to be in a position like that as it could hurt your reputation and eventually kill your new photography business. How do you avoid such a situation, pay your photography assistant right away.

If you are the assistant, send the invoice out immediately and do not make a move until it’s fulfilled. Just some rules of engagement so all parties get the results they are seeking.

Underwater Invoice Template

One of the most expensive types of photography today, underwater photography can really take a toll on your bank account if you don’t get your client to pay up right in the beginning. In fact, we highly discourage you to do any kind of underwater photography for free.

Although the prices are coming down, underwater cameras and equipment are still somewhat pricey for the general public. Especially the different kinds of lights (Strobes, Focus light, etc) that you may have to use it by renting or buying outright.

Boudoir photography requires very high-end materials so you want to make sure that you don’t forget the costs of such extra accessories and props in your invoice. Things like silk curtains or other props to create a sensual setting. You may also be required to provide the clothing or lingerie involved but it’s best to let your client take care of that. Especially with size issues and etc.

Portrait Invoice Template

Portrait photography can be rewarding but very challenging at the same time. Sometimes the client can be quite demanding and that’s understandable. That’s why you might be better off actually giving them an estimate first, discussing things in detail, and then releasing a full-on invoice.

Also, we suggest meeting in person first before spending more than a few hours with them. Of course, this depends on your own experience in the photography game but it’s better to be safe than sorry right?

Landscape Invoice Template

Just like when doing any kind of photography, different types of lenses are very important. So make sure you charge your client or whatever extra lens that you may need. A lot of photographers especially beginner landscape photographers, try to purchase all equipment on their own.

This makes sense in most cases but when it comes to wide lenses, they can be quite expensive. So make sure you work with clients who will purchase them for you and are open to the suggestions as well. All in all, this must be represented in your invoice. No “if’s” and “but’s” about it.

Aerial or Drone Invoice Template

Aerial photography can be quite heavy on the budget considering the drone prices and the high-quality cameras required. We highly encourage you to communicate this to your client or whomever you’re customer is before any contracts are signed. With Aerial photography, it’s always a good idea to have a budget range rather than a specific amount. As pricing can really increase in aerial photography. Especially due to unforeseen circumstances like sudden weather changes.

Black & White Invoice Template

Black and white photography is considered one of the most popular forms of photography of all time. That’s why it’s easy to negotiate and agree on deliverables when setting up your invoice. Since the only thing required is a quality DSLR camera and perhaps some photoshop editing later, things should turn out fine. Unless you forget to send your invoice.

Real Estate Invoice Template

With so many small businesses and real estate companies looking for Real Estate photography, this fun sub-genre has suddenly become quite sophisticated. As now it’s not just about taking pictures of the rooms but it’s all about making professional in-home tours.

Although it’s great for the industry and the parties involved (Agents, real-estate owners, photographers, etc), the only thing is to make sure whatever the deliverables you agree on, are actually delivered. Also, a lot of agents in the industry try to see the work first before they make their payment. If you have a portfolio, then it’s best to not put yourself in a situation where you have to chase a client to pay you.