Quickbooks Invoice Template

Sending invoice through Quickbooks is fine if you just need a one off invoice every now and then but to send professional recurring invoices that you can download as a PDF or email directly, you need a professional invoice generator.

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Quickbooks Invoice TemplateWorking as a freelancer or on a contract basis? Well it wouldn’t hurt to use Quickbooks to send an invoice to your clients.

After all, Quickbooks has been around for ages and is literally designed for accounting.

Then why do we think that Quickbooks is not the best solution for invoicing?

Well it’s not designed for it.

Quickbook is great for accounting but for sending and invoice on a a regular basis? Especially if you clients who need to be invoiced on a recurring basis (Monthly or weekly),

Although you can show the regular details that you would need on an invoice like the name of the client, their business, your own info and things of that nature.
However, when it comes down to sending something recurring and self calculating, you can’t rely on Quickbooks.
Another downside of an Quickbooks is you can’t add any payment options. These days clients want to do everything fast. They want to get their work done right away, and take care of any payment almost right away. This is actually very important because any obstruction for your client towards payment will only delay it. The last thing you need is conflicts like that coming from your end.
Unlike on Quickbooks, with a professional invoice generator you can provide your clients with multiple payment options so they can take care of it right away. This way it will be out of their way right away and your payment will stop being delayed as well.
So who really uses Quickbooks? After all . . .  Isn’t it an amazing software? I mean you literally think of accounting or taxes when you think of Quickbooks don’t you?
As awesome as Quickbooks is for these things, sending an invoice is not what people buy Quickbooks for. Yes you can make a professional invoice template on Quickbooks or any other similar software like Excel or Google Docs.
However, you know they are not made to create professional invoices (Especially the ones that need to be delivered on a recurring basis) right? Just because you can hit a baseball with a piece of wood, doesn’t mean you don’t need a properly designed baseball bat.
Now if you just have a client or two, maybe Quickbooks might work for you. However, if you are in a business that’s growing and want to automate things (One of the most important things in running a business by the way), a professional invoice generator can help you achieve that.
Also as your business grows, most likely you’ll be sending invoices on a monthly or some kind of recurring basis. If you don’t automate this process, it will really stall your business growth.  One of the biggest thing in growing a  business is scaling. This comes from organization but organization skills come from you. An invoice template generator is that tool that can help you organize your invoicing woes and set you up for proper growth.
So in conclusion, Quickbooks is a great solution for someone who is a part timer or possibly just getting started into the world of business. However, if you are someone who has a proper system that works and you are set for growth, it’s time to implement tools to help you get there and an invoice generator like ours can help you do that.
In fact, it has done that for 1000s of other business owners. We encourage you to continue using whatever invoicing solution works for you. When you do decide to expand, automate and grow, you would definitely need a professional invoice maker.
Whether you are a freelancer, agency owner or something along those lines, you are more than welcome to try our invoice generator out.