Rent Invoice Template

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For all the landlords out there, this is definitely one of the most important invoices. After all, you want to be collecting your rent on time.
Whether you were just leasing out a room in your house or owner full on building, it’s always smart to send your invoice at least two weeks early.
If you have tenants who are working then getting your rent shouldn’t be an issue but either way, sending your invoice in advance is actually beneficial for both parties.
There are a few reasons for this but the two main ones are you won’t have to remind your tenant that they have to pay an invoice, and your tenant wouldn’t have any excuses related to receiving your invoice late. Or something along those lines.

Now there are several types of invoices out there and here are the popular ones:

Home rental invoice

This is the most basic type of rent invoice. You release this few weeks before the rent is due and it usually helps a lot when it comes to getting your rent paid on time.
The reason you want to send this in advance is because when you are renting out a house, an invoice may take longer to get fulfilled. Especially if your tenants have kids or are usually busy. Also it may take a few days for the payment to clear so the quicker you send this one, the 0
On this invoice, make sure you have all the necessary information like house number, total rent and if there were any upgrades or fixes that you tenant may be responsible for, show it clearly.

Apartment rent invoice

This can be fun little invoice to sent. Again try to send this two weeks in advance. Fun for you maybe not so much fun for your tenant. Also don’t mix this up with your building maintenance invoice (If it applies). Make sure you keep them separate.

Basement rental invoice

As casual as renting your basement out to someone may sound, do not be unprofessional. Also the more professional you are, the more respectful your tenant is going to be. Simple as that. So send your invoice on time. On this invoice show rent, month, date and everything else.

Office space rental invoice

Are you renting your space out to just one person or are there many small offices? This is the tricky part with sending office rental invoices. Each office may have rented your invoice at a separate date. If so, make sure you spreadsheet all this from day one or it can be really confusing. If it’s just one office, then send them an invoice a week ahead of the due date. Business owners (At least the good ones), usually respond right away to these things.