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Sales Invoice TemplateCreating a sales invoice template should be done carefully. After all, you don’t wanna leave out any details. In fact, the more detailed a sales invoice is, the better off the seller and buyer are going to be.

Especially, when it comes to taking care of your taxes and things of that nature.

As a seller, your job is to make sure your sales invoice is load it with any details related to your transaction. So your buyer, has everything they need for their accounting purposes as well.

The details on a sales invoice also help greatly when it’s compared with the actual product or service received.

As a seller, do you want to make sure everything that you did is shown on your sales invoice so you can get properly compensated for it.

If it’s not, it’s going to be quite tricky for the buy here.

Sales Invoice Logo

If this invoice is for something you sold to a friend, you might not need to show a logo.

However, if it’s for a client, or something professional, then we highly encourage you add a logo on your sales invoice.

A logo will always make you stand out and if it’s a new business that you just started, it will help in building your brand down the road.

Sales Invoice Business Address

This is something we usually recommend but if it’s for something casual, you don’t need to show it. We recommend it though.

Especially if this sale is for your own business. Just like your logo, your address is also something that may get stuck in your customer client’s head and they may use it to identify your business down the road.

Again, an address is not necessary if it’s an invoice for a friend or something casual but if it’s for a customer, make sure you add it so they can remember you.

Not to mention it will make you look professional. On a side note, always add your address if this invoice represents your business.

Sales Invoice Number

This one is a given. If you are selling something, you need a way to track it. Adding an invoice number adds that extra layer of tracking in case there are any issues with your invoice or the actual sale.

Sales Invoice Client Address

If it’s for a client, definitely add there address as it will show them you mean business.

If it’s a for a buddy, then it’s your call. Client really appreciate the more details you put on an invoice about them as it’s the professional thing to do.

Also if there are any legal issues down the road, this could come in quite handy.

Sales Invoice Issue Number

When you make a sale, the many ways you can track it under, the better. The date of issue is on of those things. Whether you are releasing this sales invoice to a customer or not, a date on a document is always helpful and that is the same case here.

Sales Invoice Due Date

When you release an invoice for a quick sale, a due date is essential. It will show the receiver when they need to pay and on a sales invoice, always show the same date as the date of transaction.

This way, you will get paid right away. Or at least the chances of getting paid right away will dramatically increase. Sometimes, you just have to let your client know right away.

Sales Invoice Business Number

Your business number is actually quite important. In fact, some companies may not fulfill your invoice if you don’t add your business number.

Why would they do that? When you provide your business number, it serves as proof that this invoice was released by another business and they can show that on their tax return, etc.

Also this is another reason for you to put it as well. Especially for a typical sales invoice. This way you can pass it on to your accountant along with some more invoices hopefully and they can process it for you.

Sales Invoice Item / Description

Here you will show what kind of sale was it? Was it a product? Or a service or perhaps a combination of both. The item section on your invoice is pretty much the description section as well. So just show what you sold in this section of your invoice.

Sales Invoice Taxes

If you charged your customer something, you have to add taxes as well. In some cases this maybe exempt, depending on the state you are in or who you made the sale too but in most cases, you have to charge sales tax. Better to be safe than sorry.

Sales Invoice Notes

We like to recommend that you leave a nice note for your client, customer or whomever you made the sale too. Something like a thank you note would be perfect. If your sale requires any additional instructions, then this would bea good section for that as well.