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Self Employed Invoice TemplateAre you self-employed? Freelancing? Do you have a side hustle?

All of these are various types of self-employment and together, they are part of what is known today as “work from home” economy.

Not all self-employed people work from home of course but a lot of them do.

Two in twelve Americans do some kind of self-employment or another.

There’s the full-time self-employed person (Usually a consultant) and the side hustler.

Self-employment is a lot more work than side hustles or even a job. Mostly because you have to do everything yourself.


Below you will find different types of self-employment and some tips on how to make a proper invoice for each of them.

Life Coaching Invoice

One of the most popular self-employment occupations today is life coaches. If you’re a life coach, you know you need to invoice your client on a regular basis or charge them upfront. Whether you’re charging by the hour or have a monthly retainer, make sure you are both clear on the deliverables. Since you are promising results that are dependent on the client, it’s best to get paid upfront. As much as you can.

Personal Training Invoice

There are a lot of people today who are providing in-house personal training and have become self-employed. Here they usually charge by the hour or have a monthly recurring 3 to 6-month contract going on. If you are training your clients out in public places like group yoga classes or something, collect payment upfront. Sometimes it can be hard to collect payment after the workouts. Remember, you are running a business.

Hair Styling Invoice

Now, this is an occupation that you can either do it at someone’s house or invite your client at home. Nothing like getting a good haircut and even more important is finding the right hairstylist. This is a great way to be self-employed as you are not only making money but doing a pretty big service for someone.

Just don’t forget to charge for any additional materials like shampoo or gel. A lot of hairstylists forget it sometimes. Being a self-employed person is quite challenging and rewarding at the same time. The last thing you want to do is get caught up with accounting or invoicing issues. Feel free to create your own custom invoice by using our generator.


What should be on a self-employment invoice template?

Basically all the essentials. Names, Emails, Addresses, etc. The bottom line, if it makes sense legally, then it should be on it.

What is the best self-employment invoice template?

Again, this all depends on what you need it for but if your invoice has all the bare essentials, and it works for you and your client, then that’s the best invoice right there.

Should I have my logo on a self-employment invoice?

Not necessarily. Unless looks are important in your business, your client doesn’t really care how an invoice looks like. As long is it makes sense, that’s all that matters.

Do I have to show taxes on a self-employment invoice?

It’s always a good idea to show your taxes because if you ever get audited, you can simply use your invoices. Hopefully, you make a copy of each invoice released. Or if you use our invoice creating service, you won’t have to worry about it either.