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Trucking InvoiceIf you were running a trucking company, you already know how challenging things can be.

Especially, when it comes to accounting and keeping track of your numbers.

Most truckers are awesome people, but let’s face it … it’s their job is to drive the truck and drop off or pick up the delivery.

It’s not their job to shoot out invoices to brokers, warehouses and other places that are simply part of the job.

They are ready drive four hours on a daily basis, the last thing they need is some accounting thrown at them for no apparent reason.

That’s why you need a solution that is fast, swift, and To the point.

Just thinking most businesses, the trucking industry has different segments to it as well. Let’s have a look at how and what kind of invoices you should be sending depending on your role in this business.

Factory Trucking Invoice

This is the most common type of invoice you find in any trucking company. The whole idea Is to keep things simple into the point.

Since the majority of truck drivers, are either picking up some thing or dropping something off, this kind of invoice works the best.

Here you simply show what they are picking up or delivering on the invoice, show the pricing, and either attach it as a printed out invoice or email it directly to the client or customer in question.

Also make sure you write both of the addresses and company names so there’s no confusion down the road. Your business information and the company you are making a delivery or pick up for,

Must be clearly shown on the invoice. This will avoid any confusion especially if there’s another company that has the same name or similar name as yours.

So it’s very important that you have these so-called basic information on your invoice.

Other than that, you should be good to go with all the other information that needs to be filled. However, what we mentioned is a must so make sure you have the business information for both parties clearly shown.

Freight Trucking Invoice

When sending any kind of invoices, which are related to freight, you have to be extra careful with the numbers and the description is on point.

The last thing you want to do is release an invoice or send an invoice to a company where Which doesn’t match with the information that your trucker has.

The funny thing is the bigger the company the more of a mess this could be. As the big warehouses need to move stuff quick and any kind of delay can back up all their other shipments and deliveries.

Next thing you know, they’re not doing business with you anymore. All because of a simple lack of attention on releasing a trucking invoice.

Accuracy as you may have gathered and already know is very important in the trucking industry. Things are moving fast so you have to make sure that the numbers are on point every single time.

Frankly speaking, there are no mistakes allowed in this kind of business. Of course nothing is perfect with the consequences of mishaps in the trucking industry can affect everybody almost right away. Specially your own client who is at the end of the supply chain anyways.

Broker Trucking Invoice

One of the most important jobs in the trucking business, a broker is literally the miracle worker in this industry. After all, their job is to take care of the carrier and the shipper.

Like that’s not complicated and stressful enough, they also take care of the shipping rates, negotiating pricing, and making sure things are being shipped and delivered properly all across the board.

So if you’re a broker, we truly understand and appreciate your position. In your case, the faster a job is resolved the better. Plus the tools that are required for the job have to be as simple as possible.

So when sending your invoice, make sure you’re using some kind of a template.

This will just skyrocket your productivity and help you send invoices in a matter of seconds versus however you’re doing it right now.

You also want to use tools that can help you track when a certain invoice is opened and things of that nature. This will just give you the leg up that you need to continue working like the top dog that you are.

Shipyard Trucking Invoice

When you send your people a.k.a. your truckers to the shipyard, most likely you dispatch the invoice way before you guys or gals actually reach there.

This is standard practice but what if your invoices off? The can completely delay the pick up or delivery that you were trying to make into the shipyard.

After all, shipyards are the first point of contact when our product is delivered into the respective country.

These guys definitely don’t have time to mess around. They have to move things fast. In and out. So you want to make sure the invoice that you are sending them, is double if not triple checked.

A great way of avoiding this is by saving your template. This will help keep things consistent and all you have to do is just fill out the unique information and then send it. You simply repeat this process over and over again.

In business terms, this is called creating a system. Systems will help you speed things up, and get the results that you require well boosting your bottom line and your credibility.