Yoga Teacher Invoice Template

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Yoga Teacher Invoice TemplateIf you’re a yoga teacher, it’s always best to get paid right away.

Sometimes, it’s okay to to wait a day or two (Due to the nature of the business) but it shouldn’t take any longer than two day or so to get your payment.

If it goes beyond that, then you got a problem. Although getting paid as a Yoga teacher is usually hourly,

it could be different depending on what kind of Yoga you would be offering. Let’s take a deeper look on what kind of yoga you offer and the best invoice to send to your client.


Vinyasa yoga

Most Vinyasa yoga instructors here charge per class or per hour. It really depends on the kind of arrangement you have. One thing we’ve found is a lot of Vinyasa yoga instructors don’t add the extra equipment charges that they should.

If you don’t add these charges on your invoice (Especially your first one), there is a good chance your client will simply ignore your second invoice. These kind of things can sour the client / yoga teacher relationship. Just remember, you deserve to get paid for what you do. No freebies.

Hatha yoga

Teaching Hatha yoga is already intense and stressful as it is, the last thing you need is extra stress about getting paid on time. As a practitioner of Hatha yoga, we highly recommend you get paid before your session. Hatha yoga can be very intense for first timers.

The last thing you need is someone “forgetting” to honor your invoice. If you also happen to get a few yoga mats for your clients, please show that on your invoice as well.

Iyengar yoga
If there is one style of yoga where you should be super careful when sending your invoice to your client, it’s as a teacher of the Iyengar yoga. Not just because it’s quite powerful, but it can involves a lot of extra equipment.
More than just a yoga mat. In an ideal world, you can just call up your clients in advance and they can handle it. However, in most cases, you would have to bring in belts, blankets and other “props” to help your client have a successful Iyegar yoga session. That’s why, make sure everything is nicely laid out in your initial invoice. Also try to get paid a few days before your session so you can buy what you need for your yoga class in advance.

Kundalini yoga

As a practitioner of Kundalini Yoga, you don’t have to worry that much about getting paid. Since this is a pretty light workout, you can get send your yoga invoice to your client after the session as well. Most people who do Kundalini yoga are pretty released so getting paid shouldn’t be an issue. That said, business is business so make sure you send your invoice as soon as you can. Whether it’s before or after your class.

Ashtanga yoga

Since this type of yoga only requires a yoga mat and a couple of blocks karma rushing your invoice to your client or whomever you’re teaching isn’t that much of a priority. I guess what we’re trying to say if you can be flexible, no pun intended. As always, we would want you to send your invoice before any of your classes, but with an Ashtanga yoga practice, it’s not something that you should worry about too much. Be relaxed. Have fun and trust your clients.

Bikram yoga

As a teacher of Bikram yoga, you already know this one is quite intense. You must collect your payment before a session of one of these. Get that payment out of the way, so you can both have fun at your Yoga class. Who wants to think about money all the time anyways right? Just shoot off your invoice, tell your client or customer to book a class with a few days down the road and enjoy your workout.

Yin yoga

If you train yinsters, you already know there is much you need to provide them. Most yoga practitioners have their own mats, which is more than enough for this type of Yoga.

Restorative yoga

Being a somewhat modern form of Yoga, sometimes this type of yoga may require additional gear like sandbags, bricks, bolsters, blocks, etc. If you client already has these, then just send your typical hourly yoga invoice. If not, make sure you clearly show these charges as well. Also since this type of Yoga can be practiced in you home, you can also do this through online classes. Just make sure you invoice your clients in advanced for online classes. Seems to be the norm anyways.

Prenatal yoga

As you are already aware, women are already going through a lot of stress during this time. Prenatal yoga is designed to help them but make sure you make it easier for them to fulfill your invoice as well. Best thing is send your invoice in advance so they can deal with it. Just be very gentle with this kind of clientele. If you’re hard pressed for clients, then better to find some other clients. Pregnant women need to stay stress free.

Anusara yoga

People who are into Anusara yoga are mostly doing quite well financially. So getting paid shouldn’t be an issue here. Just make sure your invoice is sent when it’s suppose to and you should be good. If you have clients looking for Anusara yoga, congratulations.

Jivamukti yoga

Most clients who are into the Jivamukti brand of Yoga, are also well off like the Anusara group. However, they can be a tad bit more into spirituality than others. So make sure you cater to that need and ease into sending your invoice and receiving your payment. Most of these guys are good people but if you talk to them about money right away, they tend to get turned off. Share the joy of Jivamukti yoga here and you’ll be rewarded with your invoices getting fulfilled on a timely basis.