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"If I can use this invoice maker, trust me, anyone can. Super easy".

SHARON VAN DYKE | Manager for a pay day loan company in Canada.

Easiest Way To Make an Invoice

Who said sending beautiful invoices should be complicated?

Use our ground breaking online invoice maker and send professional invoices in seconds. Used by freelancers, managers from payday loan companies in Canada, self employed individuals and more.



No more wasting time with complicated accounting software. We’ve truly created one of the fastest way to send an invoice online. Whether you are charging a Vancouver based client for SEO or need to get your payment from someone in Spain, you can send an invoice that actually gets delievered in their inbox.


First impressions matter. Whether you are a freelancer just starting out or an established real estate agent selling condos, you can always send a professional and beautiful looking invoice.
Great for dentists as well. Plus other professionals in the medical field.


You’ll be using a very specific invoice template designed to get fulfilled almost right way. Whether you are a dentist looking to get paid for your dental implant job. Or another medical professional, no matter your profession, our invoices will help you get paid.

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It’s simple and it’s online, what more can you ask for? Really impressed with how easy it is as well. Thank you for making this.

Sandra Polanski

Freelance Web Designer | Waco, Texas

It literally took me 12 seconds to send my first invoice. As a plumber who is alway on the go, I was pretty shocked at first. In a good way.

Shane Kipley

Plumber | Kansas City, USA

Bye bye excel. Hello Code3! Really impressed on how sleek your invoice maker is. I sent two invoices almost right away.

Andre Fleming

Office Manager | Chicago, Illinois


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