Starwars Invoice

Now if this doesn’t make you laugh, we don’t know what will.

Here is a star wars invoice. If you take a deeper look, you’ll see that someone captured Han Solo and then sent an invoice about it.

Star Wars Invoice

So this special someone is Boba Fett. A bounty hunter for over thirty years.

Well, all that experience paid off.

I mean if this isn’t a catch or what?

The best part is the pricing.

Listed bounty at $100,000.

Service Fee: $75.000

Also let’s not forget the carbonite case our friend has thrown in the deal.  That’s very generous of you Mr. Boba Fett.

In addition, a solid shipping and handling fee is also noted plus the classic . . .  Misc thing charge.

Guess $hit always occurs when you are messing with the likes of Hans Solo right?

Classic invoice indeed.

What is Star Wars?

If you don’t know star wars, well, most likely you probably haven’t heard of a television either. You are only allowed to not know about star wars if you were just born or something.

Basically, it’s a story set way in the future when space travel finally became the norm (Guess Elon was right). The galaxy was doing just fine with everyone living in peace but someone didn’t like it. Pretty typical huh?

Anyways, that’s were it all begins.